What is Colive Pro?

We want to make coliving the new normal for digital nomads.

Why? Because we think it works. Coliving spaces which are specifically built for digital nomads solve so many problems our community faces day-to-day. Forget overpriced AirBnB's and dodgy sublets - coliving brings us reasonably-priced rooms in well-vetted neighbourhoods with hosts who understand the nomad lifestyle (and the holy grail of good wi-fi).

Coliving can mean a lot of things, but at Colive Pro we only promote incredible spaces which are built for nomads and put community first. Loneliness is a killer, and we believe coliving is one of the best ways for nomads to make real, long-lasting connections with others while on their adventures.

Why are we so passionate about this? Because not every nomad is a natural socialiser. Some of us - like me - have been so excited to experience somewhere only to struggle to get out the door when we arrive. Meeting new people in a new place is hard, especially if you're naturally shy, introverted or - again, like me - extremely anxious. But coliving can make it easy, and making it easy makes being a nomad accessible to way more people across the world.

So, if you're a nomad, we hope you find your special place. If you're just starting out in this world, we really believe coliving is an amazing way to take those first steps into the nomad lifestyle! And if you're reading this, thinking about creating a space for some weird and wonderful creatures seeking their community: please, please do. And then, of course, drop us a line.

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About me

Originally Scottish, I lived in London, New York and Switzerland before finally leaping head-first into my digital nomad dream. I'm a full time Product Manager, trainee yoga teacher and a level 19 Psi Warrior in the imaginations of my Dungeons & Dragons friends. Twitter @bryonyharrower LinkedIn /bryonyharrower

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